When you understand what developmental researchers have discovered about your highest potentials, your life may never be the same…

Over the last several decades, developmental researchers from around the globe began to notice a strange anomaly in adult human development.

At first, many researchers brushed it off as a glitch, a mere statistical error.

However, as the evidence began to mount they soon realized that they had stumbled across something truly significant, and potentially one of the most important scientific discoveries in human history.

Eventually, the leading researchers in the field of human development, led by Dr. Clare Graves, could no longer deny what the evidence was showing…

We are now entering the single biggest evolutionary leap since our ancestors learned how to harness fire and separated from the animal kingdom.

Here’s the most amazing piece:

A small percentage of the human population, around 5%, is now undergoing a “quantum leap” to this emerging stage of evolution.

These rare individuals, from every corner of the globe, are now blazing a new evolutionary trail for all of us, and breaking through to new levels of consciousness and capabilities, beyond anything that human beings have ever experienced before.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing that the research has revealed about this evolutionary phenomenon is that YOU can actually accelerate your development to this new level through a specific combination of practices and exercises.

This news is so amazing that we have to share:

We invite you to join the world renowned author and philosopher, Ken Wilber, Thursday, October 28th at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern for this special worldwide event as he shares his life-changing insights about this new level of evolution that is now happening on our planet and the proven tools and practices that you can use to accelerate your developmental evolution and actualize your highest potentials.

During this global online event you will learn:

  • * The 6 major stages of human evolution that have occurred on our planet
  • * The resources and capabilities that we’ve gained as we’ve grown through each of the stages
  • * The 7th stage of human evolution that is emerging on our planet at this very moment
  • * Why this new stage of evolution is being called a “quantum leap” to a new “tier” of human existence
  • * The psychoactive tools you can use to catalyze your own process of evolution and actualize your own highest potentials.