Welcome, Affiliate Partners!

I couldn’t be more proud to share with you the Superhuman Operating System with Ken Wilber. Thank you for taking the time to consider sharing this powerful work with your fans and followers.

The Superhuman OS is more than just a tremendous earning opportunity as an affiliate. It is a chance to make a profound difference in the world by empowering people with a revolutionary framework to better understand themselves and our world in order to live more conscious, integrated and meaningful lives.

The training is truly a labor of love, first by Ken, who has poured his entire adult life into building this comprehensive view of human cultural evolution and transformation, as well as the entire team that has worked with him to create this world class product.

So far over 3000 people from 93 countries have enrolled in this training and the impact on their lives has been truly phenomenal (you can read their testimonials on this page below).

We believe that this is vital information for anyone committed to self-actualization and it is our mission to get it into the hands of as many people as possible. We sincerely thank you for supporting us in that mission.

On this page, you will learn the details of the “Superhuman Operating System” 10-week training that we offer, and the generous commission program that we’ve created to inspire our network of affiliates to help us change the world and be generously compensated for doing so.
First and foremost, we invite you to mark your calendar for the upcoming launch window.

Our affiliate launch window opens on Thursday, October 13th and our training Preview Call will be broadcast on Thursday, October 27th. This is the best window to promote to generate the highest enrollments.

The campaign window closes when the course starts on Thursday, November 17th, but if for some reason you cannot promote for the Preview Call you’ll still have plenty of opportunities.

Again, mark your calendar and schedule your email promotions for the campaign window:

  • Affiliate launch window opens on Thursday, October 13th, 2016
  • Training preview call will be broadcast Thursday, October 27th, 2016
  • Campaign Closes and the course starts on Thursday, November 25th, 2016

I am truly honored to be a part of this work, and I look forward to supporting you in any way I can.



P.S. When you’re ready to join our affiliate team, please enter your Contact Info onto the form on the right side of this page. Once you register, we’ll send you an email with everything you need to know to get started.

*Please note: We have just upgraded our affiliate system, so please sign up again even if you have promoted for us in the past.

A Few Graduate Testimonials

“Simply amazing. Really, there are no words. Ken covered everything and took us everywhere…I am so happy to be a part of this ongoing community.” -J Close

“No other product package or learning that I’m aware of comes close to the experience I had in this course. The huge transcendental leap in consciousness that I made during the broadcasts was so incredibly loving, beautiful and profound.” -B Hoddinott

Honestly I feel like a new man. Literally a SUPER Human Being!” -M Nicolaysen

(…and by the way, we have received hundreds of testimonials just like these.)

A Few Affiliate Testimonials

“One of the most organized and well thought out marketing campaigns I have seen to date. I participated as an affiliate and also took notes on how to do a launch like this right” -P Riley

“There were many big promises in the beginning and I was happy to see that everything delivered. The people I know who took the course absolutely adored it, and recommended I take it myself (which I might do next time)” -J Lovinger

“What can I say….I am a bit envious that this course exists but also so happy for Ken that it finally came about. First rate all around. The images and layout of the course platform itself are extraordinary and this thing could be double the price and they would still knock it out of the park” -K Edson


Eben Pagan


Short answer:
“Ken Wilber may be the most important living philosopher you’ve never heard of.” -Steve Paulson, Salon Magazine

“Ken is the teacher of teachers” -Marianne Williamson, Author

Ken Wilber is a world renowned philosopher celebrated by many great teachers, thinkers, artists, politicians, families, theologians, medical professionals and more.

Short answer:
“The greatest Map of Consciousness ever created” -C. Benz (Superhuman OS Graduate)

Briefly, the Superhuman Operating System is the culmination of the life work of world-renowned philosopher and author Ken Wilber. The fundamental focus is teaching Ken’s five mental models that transform the way that we think and see our own, others, and the entire world’s maximum growth potential. This new “integral” perspective allows us to cultivate capacities and potentials that we never knew were possible.

The training is 10-weeks long. It consists of ten 60-90 minute lectures which cover the five mental models, the three fundamental applications of the material, as well as an extremely powerful introduction and concluding modules to bookend the course perfectly. There are also 8 hours of bonus lectures from Ken, 20 hours of Question & Answer recordings, and dozens of premium resources with guest teachers.

To summarize a bit more of the course here are some additional quotes from our graduates:

“It is probably the most important course EVER. I am sometimes speechless. It is brilliant” -Anne-Li M

“I’ve been familiar with Ken’s work for some years, but I think this may be the most potent, succinct rendering yet” -Matt R

“Taking this course is one of the best experiences of my life aside from becoming a mom and getting married. Superhuman OS is the most incredible work I have ever seen or known” -Julie L

Please support us in sharing this material with the world.

Mark your calendar and schedule your email promotions for the campaign window:
October 13th, 2016 through November 25th, 2016

Short answer:
For the upcoming enrollment campaign: $497-777 reduced from $997-1,997

The regular tuition for the Superhuman OS training is $997 to 1,997. But for the duration of our spring campaign, we are offering from 50%-70% off the regular tuition, or:$497-$777

We also have a generous need-based scholarship program. To date, we’ve provided over $250,000 in scholarships to highly engaged students that could not afford the basic tuition. Our goal is to get this material out to as many people as possible, regardless of finances or geographic location.

The Silver program includes access to the custom-built learning platform and all of the digital materials.

The Gold program includes all of the physical materials (over 30 CD’s, workbook, digital transcripts and bonus audios).

The Platinum program includes both the physical and digital materials as well as lifetime access to all future versions of the updated learning platform and bonus library.

For a limited window during the spring launch (from October 13- November 25) we will reduce the price by 50-70%. Registration for the Silver (Digital) program will cost $497, the Gold (Physical) program will be available for $697, and the complete Platinum (Digital + Physical) program will be available for $777.

Short answer:
You will earn 50% ($248.50) commission on all digital registrations and 40% ($278.80 -$310.80 ) on all physical or digital+physical training registrations that you are responsible for generating.

We are passionate about sharing Ken Wilber’s integral operating system with the world. We truly believe that this community has the potential to create massive global shifts through collaboration. As such, we’ve structured our affiliate program to reward our network of supporters.

First Tier: You promoting to your own audience.

We give 50% affiliate commissions on all of our digital “Silver” training packages. This means that you will earn a minimum of $248.50 per registration that you generate through your promotion.

Our opt-in page has historically converted over 70% of affiliate traffic to leads. Our email campaign will convert 2.7% – 5% of those leads into customers.

If your audience chooses to upgrade to the Gold or Platinum packages your commissions go up from $248.50. The commission, which is 40% (to account for the cost of physical production and fulfillment) is $278.80 on the physical “Gold” collection, and $310.80 on digital + physical “Platinum” collection.

Compared to industry standard, this structure allows you to generate even more income through promotion, and if you’re aware of Ken’s work at all, you understand it will enable you to have a much bigger impact on the lives of your audience.

When you support this campaign you’ll earn great commissions, but more importantly, you can feel proud of what you are promoting, and confident in your contribution to a better, more enlightened and conscious world.

Second Tier: You recruiting new partners to promote to their audiences

It is our goal to share the Superhuman Operating System with as many people as possible, so we’ve created one of the most generous second tier affiliate systems in the online education industry. We have partners with no audience of their own that have generated several thousands of dollars simply by focusing their attention on finding and recruiting new partners into our affiliate program.

The second tier affiliate commission is 10%, which amounts to $49.50 to $77.50 per registration of any affiliate that signs up under you. That means even one affiliate that you recruit can generate thousands of dollars in commissions.

Short answer:
Email your audience between October 13th and November 25st, 2016

The Superhuman OS enrollment campaign begins with a broadcast event with Ken Wilber on October 27, 2016. As a partner, you will email your audience with your unique affiliate link in the two-week window before the event.

The campaign window opens on October 13, 2016. (As a second tier affiliate, you will recruit others to register with your unique link on this page you are reading now, and encourage them to promote to their audience in the same two-week window.)

There is even more earning potential if you choose to promote in the 48 hours prior to the early registration deadline, as well as in the 48 hours prior to the start of the course. These windows tend to see the highest number of registrants, and we see a lot of participants who register directly from partner promotions to the sales page.

If you participate in all three mailing windows, you will see your earning potential increase significantly, as well as your contribution to the permanent transformation of members of your community.

“I have been feeling so much gratitude to Ken and to everyone behind the scenes for creating this delivery system and offering the Superhuman OS to the world. It must be so wonderful for you to know that how you are spending your life energy is directly impacting so many people in such a powerful and positive way.” -Kinde


Short answer: In your inbox.

Once you complete the affiliate application form, you’ll receive a welcome email with specific details about your unique affiliate link and the login details to access our Affiliate Center.

Short Answer:
The affiliate tools page

We have created an exclusive Affiliate Tools Page where you can find all of the email copy, banners & social media resources that you will need to promote this campaign effectively. Once you sign up as an affiliate, we will send you an email to let you know how you can access the Affiliate Tools Page.


Short Answer:

We’ve just updated and improved our affiliate system for 2016. We are now using Ontraport to manage our sales and handle our affiliate tracking. These systems together are the industry standard so you can rest assured that your leads will be well tracked — and well protected.

Short Answer:

After you register as an affiliate, we will be sending you updates and reminders via email at different stages of the campaign.

Short Answer:
Email Ryan – [email protected]

Our Affiliate Manager Ryan Parks is available to answer any questions you may have along the way. He is here to support you! So if you don’t find the information that you need on this page and want some additional assistance with promotions, copy or links, please feel free to contact him. He will also keep you in the loop by sending you email updates throughout the training. He will also be posting to the affiliate blog.

You can reach Ryan by emailing [email protected]

Short Answer: An organization dedicated to creating media that awakens, enlightens, and transforms the audience.

Sacred Media is an organization devoted to creating digital media that empowers individuals and organizations to actualize their highest potentials. Co-founders Leif Frankling and Ryan Parks created this organization as a vehicle to support people interested in personal development and transformation in order to co-create a more conscious and sustainable world.

Superhuman OS, was created by Sacred Media, in partnership with Ken Wilber, whose work we feel holds essential knowledge for the emerging wave of human developmental and spiritual evolution.


That’s about it! We will be in touch with more information soon with more updates and resources so that you can make the most of this fantastic event.

Wishing you much success!

– Ryan Parks, co-founder Sacred Media