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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our webpage to learn more about the Superhuman Operating System with legendary teacher/philosopher Ken Wilber.

The inaugural launch of the Superhuman OS program took place in the spring of 2014 and continues to receive RAVE reviews from students and marketing partners (please see some of the testimonials below).

This is truly a unique opportunity, and if you are passionate about making a positive difference in the world, improving people’s lives, and also make generous commissions in the process, you have found the right place!

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As you scroll down this page you will learn much more about our program and also see answers to the most common FAQ’s. MOST importantly, please mark your calendars right now for the Superhuman Operating System Fall launch window:

>>>Saturday, October 17th to Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

If you have not already done so please enter your information into the registration form on this page to officially become an affiliate. Join us, it’s going to be a fun ride once again….

- Ryan Parks – Co Founder, Sacred Media

Graduate Testimonials from 2014 Spring Session of The Superhuman OS:

“Simply amazing. Really, there are no words. Ken covered everything and took us everywhere…I am so happy to be a part of this ongoing community”.

-J Close

“No other product package or learning that I’m aware of comes close to the experience I had in this course. The huge transcendental leap in consciousness that I made during the broadcasts was so incredibly loving, beautiful and profound”.

-B Hoddinott

“Honestly I feel like a new man. Literally a SUPER Human Being”!

-M Nicolaysen

Affiliate Testimonials from the Inaugural Launch

“One of the most organized and well thought out marketing campaigns I have seen to date. I participated as an affiliate and also took notes on how to do a launch like this right”.

-P Riley

“There were many big promises in the beginning and I was happy to see that everything delivered. The people I know who took the course absolutely adored it, and recommended I take it myself (which I might do next time)”.

-J Lovinger

“What can I say….I am a bit envious that this course exists but also so happy for Ken that it finally came about. First rate all around. The images and layout of the course platform itself are extraordinary and this thing could be double the price and they would still knock it out of the park”.

-K Edson


Eben Pagan


1. What is The Superhuman Operating System?

The Superhuman Operating System is a life changing series of tools, practices and perspectives based on the life’s work of renowned author, and luminary philosopher, Ken Wilber (more on Ken below). Over the last 18 months the team at Sacred Media has recorded more than 100 hours of exclusive audio with Ken, and distilled the vast scope of his life’s work down to the most potent and transformative synthesis.

This cutting edge content has been formatted into an online training (and soon evergreen digital product) that initially launched on April 24, 2014. The inaugural program garnered 1,500 students in 72 countries and is considered one of the most powerful online launches for a course of this nature.

Please mark your calendars for October 17th to November 17th 2015, as we are doing it all over again…and it’s going to be even better!


2. How is the Campaign Structured?

As mentioned, the entire marketing campaign is geared towards driving traffic to the free online seminar with Ken is happening on Tuesday, October 27th. We will run an encore of this preview call on October 29th and 31st then the recording will be available.

After the preview calls are complete, we transition into our sales cycle and convert your traffic into satisfied, paying customers. The actual training begins on November 17th and we expect students to be enrolling all the way until the start date.


3. How Much Does The Training Cost?

The full-tuition for the Silver package, which is the online, digital training only, is $997. However during this launch window we will offer the entire 10-week training for only $497.

The Gold package, which consists of the physical product (30+CD’s, workbooks and a ton of material to be shipped on order) costs $697 during this promotional window. Gold members do not have access to the online learning platform.

The Platinum package consists of the full online learning platform AND the physical set of CD’s and workbooks, costing $777.

*Please note that in the first iteration of the Superhuman OS close to 40% of students chose the Platinum package.


4. What are the Affiliate Commission %’s and What Can I Expect?

First tier commissions on the digital training is 50%, and 40% on physical/combo products. We also pay an additional 20% for second tier commissions. We recommend hitting the ground early for this campaign (again, it starts October 1) as it is first cookie wins. This is going to be a big launch this fall….

In terms of expectations, the average earnings-per-click during our first launch of this program was around $1.81. We paid out nearly $300,000 in affiliate commissions and the campaign was one of the most successful affiliate offerings we have seen in some time.

We have increased 2nd tier commissions to 20% because we know that the course converts, so please get all your friends and colleagues signed up under you! As soon as you sign in as an affiliate, we will send you your second tier link!


5. Are There Any Additional, Exciting Components in this Offering?

YES. Many actually. For one, the bonus roster of additional teachers who have signed on to help Ken make this a huge success is astonishing. People like Tony Robbins, Eben Pagan, Marianne Williamson, David Wolfe, Seane Corne, Tami Simon and many others.

Their will be over 12 hours additional hours of powerful, transformative and valuable teaching content in addition to the core teaching from Ken. The value of this unique content from our guest faculty is by itself worth the price of admission!

On top of the ten 1 hour weekly trainings with from Ken, he will also be facilitating a coaching and Q&A session each week! So students will get nine 1 hour rich media recorded trainings PLUS nine session with Ken himself.

The Superhuman Operating System is also a gamified online and mobile learning experience. This custom online/ mobile learning platform is highly unique in the field on online education.

But at the end of the day this training and product is about transforming people’s lives. Students will be upgrading the software of their minds and be taken on an amazing and life-changing experience.

There is so much more to say but one thing I can promise.


6. Who is Ken Wilber?

Ken Wilber is an author, philosopher, and teacher who is quite famous in some circles, but not yet a household name. Not yet.

At 21 Ken wrote his first book, Spectrum of Consciousness, which rocked the field of developmental psychology, and for the next 30 years Ken has become a quiet giant publishing more than 20 books, each one of them having a significant impact on the way we understand the systems by which individuals and the entire world operates.

In 1996 Ken published a seminal work called A Brief History of Everything, which encapsulates the broad strokes of his core message: an elegant series of perspectives that makes sense of, well, everything. This elegant series of perspectives is aptly called Integral.

Since then, a global community of hundreds of thousands of followers has sprouted around Ken, and the impact of his Integral work is quite astonishing. Anthony Robbins, the man who has positively impacted the lives of millions of people from all over the globe, considers Ken a supremely influential teacher and mentor in his life.

Others like Bill Clinton and Deepak Chopra have publicly spoken about the critically important nature of Ken’s work, and the potential impact this operating system can have on people’s lives and the planet we live.

In the 10-year anniversary of the Matrix Movie Trilogy, the films creators, the Wachowskis, chose Ken Wilber to give commentary on the entire series because of his unique ability to explain and make sense of the challenges and hopes involved in the human dilemma.

As of right now, Ken is the only quote “philosopher” to have his entire life’s work published while still alive. His work translated has been translated into some 26 languages. He is truly a genius, and with your help, we would love to make him a house hold name.


7. Can Affiliates Take the Training for Free?

Every affiliate who is responsible for a minimum of 500 unique opt-ins will receive a free pass for The Superhuman Operating System. The deadline for this offer is November 17th, 2015


8. Who is Sacred Media?

Sacred Media was founded by 3 primary partners: Todd Jason, Leif Frankling and Ryan Parks.

Aside from the 3 principle owners Sacred Media is comprised of a world class team of entrepreneurs and visionaries dedicated to pushing the envelope of transformative learning, marketing and technology.

Ken Wilber has been approached many times in the past to offer a training like this, but he felt the timing was finally right, and that this organization, Sacred Media, could be the team to take his latest work to a wider audience.


9. Where Can I Find my Affiliate Link(s)?

Once you complete the affiliate application form you’ll receive a welcome email with specific details about your unique affiliate link and the login details to access our Affiliate Center.


10. Where Will I Find Email Copy, Banners, and Social Media Promotion Tools?

We have created a special Affiliate Center where you can find all of the email copy, banners & social media resources that you will need to promote this campaign effectively. Once you sign up as an affiliate, we will send you an email to let you know how you can access the Affiliate Center.


11. What Affiliate System Are We Using?

We use Ontraport to manage our sales and handle our affiliate tracking. These systems together are the industry standard so you can be assured that your leads will be well tracked, and well protected.


12. How Can I Get Affiliate Updates?

After you register as an affiliate we will be sending you updates and reminders via email at different stages of the campaign.


13. Who Do I Contact If I Need Affiliate Support?

Our Affiliate Manager Ryan Parks, is available to answer any questions you may have along the way. He is here to support you!

So if you don’t find the information that you need on this page and want some additional support with promotions, copy or links please feel free to contact him. He will also keep you in the loop by sending you email updates throughout the training. He will also be posting to the affiliate blog.

He can be reached at


That’s about it! We will be in touch with more information soon with more updates and resources so that you can make the most of this amazing event.

Wishing you much success!

- Ryan Parks, co-founder Sacred Media