Discover a Revolutionary New Technology For Your Mind to Illuminate Your Full Human Potential so That You Can Become the Greatest Possible Version of Yourself

You have the potential within you to be exceptional, to be truly great.  In truth, everybody does.

This is not simply just an inspiring idea, or an interesting concept.  It is a scientific reality.

And if you are on this page, you can probably already sense this inherent greatness that is stirring within you, just waiting to emerge.

For all of us, there is an amazing potential for growth and development, that goes far beyond what our culture and conventional education have lead us to believe.

In fact, for the last 30 years, developmental scientists and researchers from around the world have discovered something truly profound.

A small percentage of people are breaking through to an entirely new level of human evolution, one that has never existed on our planet before.

According to the research, this new level has access to entirely new ways of seeing, knowing, and being that go far beyond all prior stages of human evolution.

Dr. Clare Graves, the pioneering developmental researcher, has described this evolutionary emergence as not just a new stage of human development, but a “monumental leap” that is greater than anything we’ve seen since the dawn of civilization.

It is estimated that people at this new stage of development are up to 10 times more effective, empowered, and self-actualized than all earlier stages of evolution in human history.

This emerging higher evolutionary stage has been called various names by researchers across the globe, but one thing is certain, that anyone who reaches this groundbreaking stage of development is literally becoming “Superhuman” compared to the rest of the planet.

Now, we’re not talking about shooting lasers from your eyes, levitating, or some other comic book fantasy.

We’re talking about learning how to access the full spectrum of who you really are so that you can activate the latent abilities and capacities hidden within you.

Your Superhuman Potential can only begin to come “online” when you truly understand this developmental process and learn to harness this vast reservoir of potential and power that is teeming just below the surface of your ordinary awareness.

If you are one of the exceptional individuals who is ready to make this quantum leap in your self development we invite you to join the renowned author, teacher and living legend Ken Wilber as he shares his latest discoveries about what this “Superhuman” potential really means and how you can begin to catalyze your own development to unleash the greatest possible version of yourself.




During this 75-Minute Session with Ken you’ll Discover:

  • The new level of human development that research indicates is emerging on earth right now.
  • The primary levels of human evolution that we ALL go through.
  • What the ‘psychoactive effect’ is and why simply learning these levels can begin to change you.
  • The level that YOU currently live at right now, and how it shapes your life.
  • How human history has evolved through these fundamental stages and what’s next
  • The amazing possibility for human culture and the future of mankind.



Who is Ken Wilber?

Widely regarded as the “Einstein of consciousness” and the “Aristotle of our time” Ken Wilber is a truly living legend.

He was a 19 year old Masters student when his journey to greatness began. Fed up with academia, he became obsessed with understanding the human condition and our highest potentials.

He wanted to know what was ultimately true, how everything fits together, and the real source of fulfillment for human life. He wasn’t getting answers from his college professors so he left grad school and set out on an epic journey to discover it for himself…

What he found in his research would change the world forever. When he was 23 years old he published his first book. The results of his 4 years of in-depth study, and he rocked the world of developmental psychology with an entirely new model of human potential. And that was just the beginning.

Over the past nearly 40 years he has published dozens of books, and has impacted nearly every field of human understanding. He has became a quiet giant. Growing from an idealistic graduate school drop out, to someone who many consider to be “the smartest man alive” and “one of the greatest thinkers in history”.