Discover a Revolutionary New Technology For Your Mind to Illuminate Your Full Human Potential so That You Can Become the Greatest Possible Version of Yourself

Imagine for a moment that there were no limits…

That you could become the person you have always dreamed of being and more.

For the last 30 years, developmental scientists and researchers from around the world have discovered something profound.

A small percentage of people are breaking through to entirely new levels of human evolution,  that have NEVER existed on our planet before.

According to some researchers, these new levels of development are more empowered, actualized, and effective than all earlier stages of evolution in human history.

People around the world, people who are just like you, are upgrading their lives, and living a life of deeper meaning, contribution and purpose.

These emerging higher capacities have been called various names but one thing is certain, that anyone who reaches these higher stages of human development are becoming virtually superhuman compared to the rest of the planet.

Join the renowned author, teacher and philosopher Ken Wilber as he shares his latest discoveries about what this superhuman potential means and how you can start to accelerate your own development to begin to actualizing the greatest possible version of yourself.




Here Is What You’ll Discover On This Training

  • How to uncover and activate your hidden potentials– making you more productive, abundant, and whole
  • A comprehensive map for your life (and for everyone’s life) that will positively impact every relationship you have
  • The potential within everyone to reduce fear in all aspects of life.
  • A new definition of ‘success’ and how you begin can to tap into your limitless potential
  • How transforming your own life is intrinsically related bringing an end to global problems like war and poverty
  • The truth about this unique moment in time we are living– what many researchers call a ‘quantum leap in human evolution’
  • The 5 major transformations in the history of human evolution — and what’s next. 


Who is Ken Wilber?

Widely regarded as the “Einstein of consciousness” and the “Aristotle of our time” Ken Wilber is a truly living legend.

He was a 19 year old Masters student when his journey to greatness began. Fed up with academia, he became obsessed with understanding the human condition and our highest potentials.

He wanted to know what was ultimately true, how everything fits together, and the real source of fulfillment for human life. He wasn’t getting answers from his college professors so he left grad school and set out on an epic journey to discover it for himself…

What he found in his research would change the world forever. When he was 23 years old he published his first book. The results of his 4 years of in-depth study, and he rocked the world of developmental psychology with an entirely new model of human potential. And that was just the beginning.

Over the past nearly 40 years he has published dozens of books, and has impacted nearly every field of human understanding. He has became a quiet giant. Growing from an idealistic graduate school drop out, to someone who many consider to be “the smartest man alive” and “one of the greatest thinkers in history”.